At Asili, we take a deep dive into the health problems of modern times.

Our products are designed to be both effective and enjoyable. We are strive to dietize supplements, our powdered beverages are delicious and convenient to use and carry.

Join us on the path to enhance your health!


    Using our exclusive formula with anthocyanin C3G and plant tea extracts, improve overall health level and enhance physical strength, clear thinking and promote metabolism Purple is an essential healthy drink for modern people to maintain vitality, efficiency and life balance every day.

    • Contains guarana fruit extract, nourish and strengthen the body, enhance physical strength and increase efficiency.
    • Contains L-theanine extracted from green tea, helps improve learning ability and regulate the pace of life, providing a source of happiness and positive thinking emotions.
    • Contains C3G, the king of anthocyanins from the precious purple-black plants. Studies have found that C3G has the highest antioxidant capacity index (ORAC)
      among the 14 anthocyanin families, helps regulate physiological functions, promote metabolism, and maintain health.

    Suitable for :

    1. Individuals to improve work efficiency and clear thinking
    2. Maintain healthy body functions and metabolism
    3. Diet Planner
    4. Improve reading efficiency for teenagers
    5. Maintain vitality and happiness

  • MetaNMN

    MetaNMN has developed a revolutionary 4-in-1 formula, the formula is enriched with trace elements zinc, iron, selenium, and biotin to unlock your inner youthful vigour, provide essential nutrition for the body and help promote youthful vitality.

    • Internationally-patented NMN BoosterTM: Effectively boost the key youth elements and activate the essential youth
      element NAD+ needed by the body.
    • Soybean Peptides: Provides a premium source of protein, helping to maintain physical strength and optimize physical fitness.
    • Spanish Red Pomegranate: Patented process extracts the pomegranate with pure pulp, thereby retaining
      the complete active ingredient, punicalagin.
    • American Wild A.F.A Protein: Contains a source of life regeneration factor and phycocyanin, a valuable nutrient in the body.

    Suitable for:

    1. NMN and NAD+ related products searchers
    2. Anti-aging beauty enthusiasts
    3. User wishes to strengthen core functions in the body
    4. Vegetarian who is looking for collagen substitutes
    5. Users who wish to improve overall health

    PROFLUX-8 instant dietary fiber provides a three-pronged approach to health and wellness, combining herbal plant extracts, multiple fibers, and patented enzymes. It helps to induce bowel movements af ter 8-10 hours, activate cleansing movements throughout the bowels, reduce the burden of greasy foods, and initiate the first steps of body purification, nourishment, and toning.

    • Senna and Cassia: Shennong's Herbal has listed cassia seed as the highest grade, and it is often used to reduce internal heat and promote health. Senna is bitter in taste and mild in temperament. It is often used to maintain the functioning of the digestive tract and facilitate defecation.
    • Multi-Fiber Trio: Promote
      bowel movements, combined with the high-fiber Enoki Mushroom, the beneficial intestinal bacteria Galactooligosaccharides, and the health-benefiting nutrition of Oat Glucan, making stools softer and easy to pass.
    • US AES-Patented Multi-Enzymes: The US-patented AES enzymes, natural microbial fermentation, compound trace minerals, and 100% non-genetically modified soybean, fermented by koji bacteria, can help with nutrient absorption and reduce the burden of overeating.

      Suitable for:
    1. Those who practice mild fasting & eating
    2. Those living a fast-paced life and under stress.
    3. Those who have lacked exercise
    4. Eating a diet high and dining out for meals a day.
    5. User who see no improvements despite taking probiotic products

  • PROBIO-15

    Contains 17 kinds of ingredients through probiotic strains,
    which can maintain the function of the digestive tract, change
    the ecology of the flora, and help digestion. Each pack is added
    with 15 billion probiotics.

    • Contains 17 kinds of ingredients and probiotic strains, improve ecosystem within the stomach, promote digestion, and help strengthen physical fitness.
    • Contains ABC three kinds of probiotics, probiotic fructooligosaccharides and non-GMO corn fiber, not easily digested and absorbed by the human body, but can assist the growth of probiotics, balance the intestinal system, and
      maintain the health of the digestive tract.
    • Portable & sealed package. Mixed with berry flavour and
      xylitol, pleasant taste, free of dairy & animal products,
      suitable for families.

    Suitable for:

    1. Inconsistent meal time, frequently eating out
    2. Constipation, poor defecation
      Sedentary lifestyle, poor metabolism
    3. Sneeze easily upon temperature changes
    4. Lack of vitality & wish to improve overall wellbeing