Create your own happiness.

Everything Asili has to offer, whether it’s a great-tasting, high-value nutrition product or an opportunity to increase your income and dictate your schedule, is designed to increase happiness in your life.




"At ASILI, we see things differently. We tend to be more of a partner-oriented company, keeping things as simple as possible originate from our purest intention."

General Manager of Greater China


“The decision at this moment will plant the seeds of the future, seize the opportunity, and you will be one step closer to your dream.”

At ASILI, we're constantly thinking how we can put a smile on people's faces each day.

We are people-oriented, and we are committed to making people's lives better. Brent founded ASILI GLOBAL in the US in 2018 with a mission to make people's lives better. He decided to abandon the overly pretentious and floundering language, and insisted on the brand concept of "making sure people are living the best lives they can", so that everything can return to simplicity and pure intention.

Our Core Value

  • Innovative Thinking/ Innovative Actions
  • Traditional Breakthrough / New Business Thinking model
  • Create value / meet people's needs
  • Respect for Diversity / Integrity and Kindness
  • ​Creative Thinking / Courage to Change

Creating the Next Unicorn

ASILI GLOBAL was launched in 2018 with its HQ in Lehi, Utah, USA. It injected some fresh ideas from the start and with great products and a great rewards system, it's grown quickly across the world from North America to Latin America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific.

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