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活樂代 Purple

活樂代 Purple

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Using our exclusive formula with anthocyanin C3G and plant tea extracts, improve overall health level and enhance physical strength, clear thinking and promote metabolism Purple is an essential healthy drink for modern people to maintain vitality, efficiency and life balance every day.

  • Contains guarana fruit extract, nourish and strengthen the body, enhance physical strength and increase efficiency.

  • Contains C3G, the king of anthocyanins from the precious

  • Contains L-theanine extracted from green tea, helps improve learning ability and regulate the pace of life, providing a source of happiness and positive thinking emotions.

  • Contains CSG, the king of anthocyanins from the purple-black plant species. Studies have found that C3G has the highest antioxidant capacity index (ORAC) among the 14

Instruction: Take 1 sachet (7g) of Purple and add it to 450ml of room temperature water, stir well and enjoy.

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