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极润原 Collagen-HE+

极润原 Collagen-HE+

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Collagen-HE+, a revolutionary product packed with 5,000mg of high-quality fish collagen, using enzymatic hydrolysis technology to enhance the body's absorption efficiency.

Evidence shows it boosts amino acid levels just an hour after intake, infusing your skin with a fountain of youth. But that's not all! Collagen-HE+ also contains self-produced hyaluronic acid probiotics - thermophilic streptococcus, holding 8 patents and 3 published papers, bolstering skin hydration and vital activity.

It was awarded the Silver Prize at the 2014 Geneva International Invention Exhibition, confirming its health benefits. Using Synergene technology, which incorporates genetic experimentation verification, we have screened hundreds of natural ingredients and accumulated a vast database of their interactions. Through this process, we have identified the optimal combination for a brightening skin tone, maximizing the synergistic effects. Featuring French white currant, grape seed, and citrus extracts, it safeguards your skin from environmental harm. And with Vitamin C paired with 15 vegetable and berry extracts, it unleashes a trove of plant nutrients for a radiant glow.

Unlock the secrets of youthful skin with Collagen-HE+ - your skin's ultimate ally!"

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